Monday, March 9, 2009

Writing Assignment 2 - Post 3

For a local mother of three, creative writing is not just a way to spend her free time-- it's her job.

"I've been writing for about 20 years," Suzanne Supplee, 45, a Baltimore-based young adult author says. "As a hobby at first, then seriously for the last 10 years."

Despite having written for so long, Supplee's first novel was published in 2008. She describes the excitement she felt when she first learned she would be published, saying she jumped around "like an eighth grader." Getting to the publication stage was a long, grueling process, Supplee says, but a rewarding one as well. It took several revisions and two years after she received the contract for her book, Artichoke's Heart, to be published.

Still, Supplee remains inspired to write. "I don't believe in writer's block," Supplee says. "I don't even like to say those words."

Many authors, both local and non-local, share Supplee's disciplined attitude.

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